Max Valentine.

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Max Valentine.

Post  Chelsea<3 on Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:15 pm

Nickname: Maxwell Jessie Valentine.
Birthdate: October 24th
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Age: 27
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or contacts? Nope.
Hair color: Black
Type of hair: Thick. Messy. Straight. Shoulder-length.
Typical hairstyle: Bed head.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 134lbs
Type of body/build: Slightly muscular.

Nationality: American.

Skin tone: Pale verging on tan.
Skin type: Normal.

Shape of face: Oval.

Distinguishing Marks? Sleeve Tattoos. Stars and skull on neck. Several on legs.
Scars? Many. Gashes on his legs. Burn marks on fingers. Lots on arms from shooting up.
Most predominant feature: Not really any.

Accent? Nope.

Is s/he healthy? Besides snorting crack and taking molly and acid? Yes.

Color: Blue.
Music: Rock
Food: Pasta
Literature: Hustler. Playboy. Magnum.
Book: Not the reading type.
Quote: “I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me.” -Hunter S. Thompson
Expletive(s) (swears): Almost every other word.
Mode of transportation: Car.

Habits: None really.
Smokes: Yes.
What? Anything.
How often? Whenever he has it.

Drinks: Yes.
What? Everything.
How often? As fast as he can get it.

Worst bad habit? Drugs.

Quirks: A slight stutter.

Background: Mom died when he was 2. Dad wasn't the best role model. Started smoking at 8. Acid at 13. Molly at 15. Crack at 16. Dealing at 17.
Hometown: Chicago.
Type of childhood: Not the best.

Religion and/or religious views and/or tendencies? None.
Job? Van's Skate Shop.

Kiss? 14. Britney Keline. Woods after skipping school to get high.

Sexual experience? 15. Rachel Hemming. Snuck into her room.

Mother (name): Cathy Valentine.
Relationship with her Dead.
Father (name): James Valentine.
Relationship with him: Not speaking.

Occupation: Drug Dealer.

Where does character work? Street.
How many years? 7.
Relationship with co-workers? No coworkers.
Like his/her job? Yes.
Why or why not? Well paying.

Attitude: Fearless. A bit cocky.
Greatest fear: Sobriety.

Priorities: Drugs. Money. Sex. In that order.

How s/he feels about self: Good.

Personality: Reckless.

Biggest vulnerability: Sobriety.

Which of the 7 deadly sins does character fight)? Lust, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Pride.
Which of the 7 virtues does your character have? None.

Optimist or pessimist? Opportunist.
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert.
Drives and motivations? Money
Talents (hidden or not)? Can draw a bit.

Extremely skilled at: Dealing. Getting his way. Sweettalking.
Extremely unskilled at: Almost everything else.

Good characteristics: Nice enough. Generous.
Character flaws: Drug addict. Can be manipulative.


Jewelry? None.
Other accessories? None.
Drives a ... : Silver 2009 Bentley Continental.
Where does character live? Vegas. Highrise. Lavish penthouse apartment.
With anyone? No.
Spending habits (frugal, spendthrift, etc)? Drops all kinds of money.
What does s/he do too much of? Drugs.
Too little of? Intellectual stuff.
Most prized possession: 2 Purebred Doberman Pinchers. Mason and Harvey.
Play musical instrument? Acoustic guitar.
How did s/he learn? Taught self
Does character like animals? Yes
Any pets? Yes. See above.
Likes music? Yes.
What kind? Rock.


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